Dietrich's We believe in tradition AND technologie

The company Dietrich’s

It all started in 1982 on a programmable calculator. Master carpenter Josef Dietrich and Dipl. Ing. Uwe Emmer over lay down, how to do the computationally intensive joinery faster and easier through the use of IT. Neither of them could have guessed that Dietrich would develop into a leading corporation in the software industry at that time.

Today Dietrich’s is the number one with thousends of installations worldwide. As the only manufacturer Dietrich’s offers its users a consistent, professional 3D CAD / CAM – solution in 13 languages​​, an integrated component database, on-site support and the independence of third parties through their own powerful programming. The range extends from the initial planning, costing, component ordering, production planning incl. DC-Calcs to detailed printings, parts lists with optimization to control all CNC-driven joinery machines.

Despite the huge success in recent decades, we have remained true to our philosophy and our base: the carpenters.

Original timber tradition and the latest computer software – we combine it to a powerful tool.

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